David Kitt for Cruthú Arts Festival show in Longford

Popular Irish musician talks inspiration, motivation and his first Longford gig

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



David Kitt

Kitt to perform at St John's Church, Longford this Saturday night

Irish musician and producer David Kitt is set to grace the stage at St John's Church, Longford, as part of Cruthú Arts Festival this weekend.

This will be David's first time gigging in Longford, and he's delighted to have been given the opportunity.

“I have no experience of Cruthú. This is my first time playing at the festival and I was thrilled to be asked to play in Longford because I haven’t played there much,” he told the Longford Leader last week.

“I’m really looking forward to it. I hear it’s a beautiful venue.”

David has been playing music all his life. His father and uncles had a successful band, so David grew up surrounded by musical talent.

Despite this, he's gone through - and overcome - his own challenges during his career, which has seen him release a number of successful albums, with another due for release early next year.

“There are always challenges but it’s just a case of showing up and doing what you need to do,” said David.

“There are always moments of thinking ‘this is terrible’ and you want to give up, but you have to keep going.

“I lose confidence regularly, but ultimately I work hard.

“Sometimes you have to walk away too. Sometimes it helps to just forget about it for a while and then go back to it later.”

David's current album, 'Yous', which was mastered at Abbey Road, is out now and has gone down a treat with fans and critics alike.

With eight albums under his belt, and a nother due for release in February 2018, the obvious question for David is 'what inspires you in your music-writing time after time?'

“I think there are different things that stand out to me in my music - in some songs, it’s part of the lyrics; in others it’s the music,” David explains.

“One song is ‘Step Outside in the Morning Light’, which musically to me has a certain magic which only happens two or three times in a lifetime.

“‘Still Don’t Know’, which is from my new record, which will be out in February next year, has nice lyrics and a romantic art to it that I really like.

“I’m always as good as my last song. I draw inspiration from anything. It can be a prevailing feeling in my personal life, or a book I’m reading.

“But nine out of ten times, I’m drawn to a musical idea or a phrase about something that sticks with me.

“I just get my inspiration from music and just the act of making music - just sitting down and letting the magic happen.”

And he's looking forward to bringing that magic toLongford this weekend as part of the four-day Cruthú Arts Festival.

Featuring Australian musician Margie Jean Lewis on violin and vocal, David will perform a selection of songs from his extensive back catalogue as well as material from his forthcoming album, which will be release in February 2018.

The support act on the night will be Katie Laffan.

The gig will take place on Saturday, July 29 at St John's Church on the Battery Road, Longford.

Tickets are €23.99 and can be purchased via www.cruthuartsfestival.com. Showtime is 8pm.

Information on other shows and events during the festival can be found at www.cruthuartsfestival.com