Longford to host Fianna Fáil annual think-in

Liam Cosgrove


Liam Cosgrove



Longford Arms Hotel

The Longford Arms Hotel is to host Fianna Fáil's annual think-in after the summer recess

Fianna Fáil is to hold its annual pre-Dáil think-in later this year in Longford, the Leader can reveal.

The Longford Arms has been chosen as the venue for the yearly get together before the Oireachtas returns from its summer recess.

Close to 60 TDs and senators from Fianna Fáil's parliamentary party are expected to descend on the county town during which the party is expected to outline its strategy for the forthcoming Dáil term.

Although no official date has been set, it's understood the second or third week in September is the favoured option of senior bosses.

That premise is loosely based on the party's decision last year to hold a two day think in at Carlow's Seven Oaks Hotel.

It's not known at this stage whether similar contingencies are being put in place for its 2017 equivalent when all eyes will no doubt be focused on the October Budget.

By that stage the party will hope to have a Longford based candidate in place to contest the next general election.


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