Killasonna National School celebrates 125 years at the heart of local community

Killasonna National School celebrates 125 years at the heart of local community

Killasonna National School celebrated its 125th anniversary in the sunshine on Sunday afternoon last.


Parish Priest, Fr Simon Cadam, said the school’s anniversary depicted the journey of life as the paths of the school’s numerous past pupils were traced with fond memories. 

“On behalf of the board of management, I want to pay special thanks to our principal, Patricia Kilduff who has done wonderful work here at our school,” added Fr Cadam.

“She is our friend and neighbour and has continued to guide this school along with her splendid staff and bring it on another step.”

He went on to say that somebody once said that when you stood on the shoulders of a giant, you got to see that bit farther than usual. 

“Well, we are standing on the shoulders of giants today,” smiled the Parish Priest.

“We  are seeing that bit farther and continue to prepare our children in Christian education.”

Meanwhile, Fr Cadam - who was joined by Fr O’Hara on the day - went on to speak about the importance of educating the whole person. 

He also pointed to the “love in the heart” that teachers held for their pupils. 

“We have splendid roots here in Killasonna and it is important that it is acknowledged here today,” he continued. 

“When we think of the whole journey of education; of how children came to school in very poor conditions, to this beautiful school that we have here today - a great journey has been undertaken.”

He went on to say that there were numerous people down through the years who had worked very hard for the betterment of education in the parish of Granard where there are currently four primary schools.

“Each school is doing splendid work with the education of the children,” continued Fr Cadam, before pointing out that Killasonna, however was a very special school in the heart of it all. 

“Our teachers are splendid and the pupils are well prepared for everything that they do.

“Thank you to all the teachers for all the great work that you are doing with the children; thank you to the parents who entrust their children to this school.”

The Parish Priest then compared the methods in a tug-o-war game to that of a fully functioning community. 

A plaque was later unveiled at the school to commemorate a very successful local tug-o-war team from the area in 1933. 

“Everyone pulls together and that is what we have to do in our schools and in our communities,” he smiled. 

“We must pull together to make a good community and at the same time recognise the splendid gifts of every person.”

The Parish Priest then concluded with a recent statement from Pope Francis who said; “Each of us is willed; each of us is loved and each of us is necessary”.