Sun shines on annual 'Day in the Bog' during Clondra Heritage Festival

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Sun shines on annual 'Day in the Bog' during Clondra Heritage Festival

Clondra Heritage Festival 'Day in the Bog'...Cutting the turf are Jimmy Halligan and Tom Lennon with Liam Farrell catching the fresh sods. Photo by Declan Gilmore

The village of Clondra was the place to be on Sunday, June 4, as the ‘Day in the Bog’ kicked off in conjunction with  the Clondra Heritage Festival.

The ‘Day in the Bog’ started a number of years ago and has been an annual event ever since, with people cutting and lifting turf the old-fashioned way - with a slane and wheelbarrow.

Before the event, committee member, Des McPartland, told the Longford Leader that the success of the day would depend largely on the weather - the better the weather, the better the event.

In previous years, there has been both good and bad weather, and the committee was hoping for some blue skies on Sunday June 4 last.

Fortunately, the sun shone down on Clondra for most of the weekend, ensuring that the greater part of the afternoon on the bog, and on the harbour where a range of activities took place, was good.

“Well we were blessed with the weather,” Mr McPartland told the Longford Leader after a very successful event.

“We had a thunder shower in the afternoon but then it stayed dry up until six o’clock.”

The traditional turf-cutting, he said, went down very well with all involved, as did the delicious boxty on the harbour and the fun activities that were organised for the whole family.

“We had a very good day and it was great that the weather stayed fine for the bog and for the harbour too,” said Mr McPartland.

The day was one for the whole family, with a horse-drawn carriage taxiing people to and from the bog, where they could see how turf was traditionally cut in the old days.

Back on the harbour, there was food and entertainment for everyone.

Attendees enjoyed kayaking on the canal, and zorbing - an activity where an individual climbs into a large inflatable ball that floats on top of the water.

There was delicious, traditionally-made boxty cooked fresh that afternoon, ensuring everyone was well fed and happy.

Also on the day, was a very popular wheelbarrow race along the street, which provided plenty of fun and laughter for all involved.

To end the day, there was a night of live music provided, with a range of local acts entertaining the crowds.

All those in attendance will surely have left the day-long event feeling happy and entertained.

One thing is for sure - it was a very memorable Sunday afternoon for everyone.