Boxer takes aim at Longford gas pipeline cynics

Boxer takes aim at Longford gas pipeline cynics

Newly appointed OPW Minister has launched a withering attack on “the many doubing Thomas'” who questioned the likelihood of whether Ireland's gas network would come to Longford.


In a candid and strong worded rebuke of those sceptics, Mr Moran said, in his mind, there was never any doubt over the project.

 “There were many ‘doubting Thomas’s’ out there who thought that this would not be delivered on but this was a project that I was never going to give up on until I succeeded,” he said.

Mr Moran added the recent commitment provided by Environment Minister Denis Naughten underlined the priority he and his government colleagues had given to the project.

The agreement in principle is in place at Government level and what is particularly pleasing to note is Minister Naughten has been informed by Gas Networks Ireland that they believe it will be economically viable to bring the gas from Athlone,” he said.

“Minister Naughten has said he has got agreement from Government to run the pipeline from Athlone to Ballymahon with the potential in the future for it to be extended to Longford town and other towns northwards such as Carrick-on-Shannon.”

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