Longford Leader Farming: Local farmers being treated with 'contempt'

Longford Leader Farming: Local farmers being treated with 'contempt'

The Chairperson of the ICMSA’s Farm and Rural Affairs Committee, Pat Rohan said Longford farmers on designated land, including Hen Harrier areas, are being treated with contempt by the Government and its agencies.

Mr Rohan pointed out that the State was “shifting responsibility” from one department to another and land had effectively been sterilised and made useless as a result.  

Speaking after last week’s meeting of the Designated Areas Monitoring Committee, Mr Rohan said the Government and its agencies had settled on a policy that involved designating land while totally ignoring the rights of the individual landowner.

“The Government has failed miserably to properly compensate the landowners for the losses resulting from the severe restrictions that they, the Government, have put in place,” he fumed. 

“Thousands of farmers in every county in Ireland have found their farms designated for a variety of reasons that could include birds, raised bogs and pearl mussels.

“They have been subjected to a series of ongoing broken promises and empty assurances from the National Parks and Wildlife Services and government ministers.

“The farmers concerned are being treated with contempt and there is no other word for it.”