Drumlish NS rolls out the red carpet for MEP

Drumlish NS rolls out the red carpet for MEP

There was great excitement among the pupils of  Drumlish National School recently as MEP and first Vice-President of the European Parliament, Mairead McGuinness dropped by for a visit.

The MEP discussed the school’s involvement in the Blue Star programme, which aims to foster, through classroom projects and activities, better knowledge and understanding among  primary pupils about the European Union.

Among other things, it examines the foundation and development of the European Union, the cultural and linguistic diversity of Europe and the role of the EU: what it does and how its work affects the lives of European citizens.

Ms McGuinness explained,  “This is a very challenging period for the EU and it’s good to talk and listen to children about their hopes and dreams.

"I was delighted to answer many questions, from Brexit to how I got involved in politics.

“Children are very interested in the world around them and they know what is going on.

“The pupils at Drumlish National School showed a sense of understanding and curiosity about the workings of the EU and the role MEPs play on behalf of citizens,” she said.  

“I was very impressed with the projects undertaken by the pupils and congratulate them on their hard work and effort.

“They deserve great credit for the enthusiasm with which they’ve approached this whole project, as does Principal, Deirdre Coffey, Blue Star co-ordinator and teacher Michelle Corrigan and all the school  staffl.”