Longford Tidy Towns reaches out to specialist volunteers

Longford Tidy Towns reaches out to specialist volunteers

Recently returned as chairman of Longford Tidy Towns for another term, local auctioneer, John Farrell, is reaching out to locals with specific skills to get involved in the organisation.

Speaking to the Leader this week, he said voluntary groups are now faced with a wrath of forms and procedures and bringing on board locals with key skills could be hugely beneficial.  

He believes it is a great opportunity for people recently retired or others will some time on their hands at the moment. 

Ideally they are looking for volunteers who could bring their skills and expertise to  bear in the area of administration, marketing, human resources and crucially the all important area of accessing funding and grants.

A big area for the Tidy Towns group in Longford in the coming months as they look at a number of key projects will be the environment and with that in mind, they would love to get volunteers on board with an interest and knowledge in the area of wildlife, habitats, biodiversity and sustainable waste.

Speaking to the Leader, he said: “There are some very talented people out there and even a few hours of their time, knowledge and experience could be of huge assistance to the Tidy Towns challenge.  We would love to see that skill, energy and experience harnassed and put to good use for the betterment of Longford town.”

He went on to say that the group have a number of ongoing projects that could benefit greatly from a  fusion of knowledge and experience. 

He added: “We are very flexible and realistic as well and as work around a volunteers specific needs. They can work from hour and it might only be an hour a week but in the grand scheme of things it could make a huge difference.”

 If you would like to explore the options further, contact Longford Tidy Towns and John at 086 834 6559 or email   longfordtidytowns@gmail.co