Avoiding Nitrates Stocking Rate penalties for Longford farmers

Avoiding Nitrates Stocking Rate penalties for Longford farmers

According to the Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine, each year a small proportion of Irish farmers lose income by exceeding stocking rate limits in the Nitrates regulations.

The Department says that farmers can avoid these penalties by taking action during the year. 

Options include exporting slurry to less intensively stocked farms or renting extra land and submitting the appropriate forms to it. 

Another option, it says, is for farmers to monitor their livestock numbers throughout the year and reduce them where there is a risk of exceeding the limit.

The Department is now encouraging all farmers who exported slurry, rented extra land or temporarily moved cattle to another holding, to submit the appropriate forms as soon as possible and not later than December 31 to the Nitrates section, Johnstown Castle, Wexford.

 To assist farmers with the stocking rate limits the Department provides interim N and P statements informing farmers of their stocking rate from cattle to date. 

Those farmers that are most likely to exceed the limit based on DAFM data have received a text message outlining their stocking rate to the end of October. 

Any farmer that is unsure about their position should contact their local agricultural advisor or Nitrates section at 053-9163444.