Legan student uses internet before coming home

Legan student uses internet before coming home

Hayley Doherty is a student in Galway from Legan. 

She works part time at Whyte’s Store and she spoke to the Leader about the difficulties she experiences with the internet when she comes home and tries to study at her home in Legan. 

The family’s internet provider is Three.  

“The internet is very bad - there can’t be more than two people using it at any given time,” she said.  

“If there are more than two people, it just won’t work.”

At Hayley's  home, the internet will just cut out, so it becomes very difficult for her to carry out research or finish assignments on time if she is dependent on the internet there. 

“The line could be down and I would be there trying to submit an assignment where the deadline for submission has approached,” she said. 

“I would probably end up disconnecting the internet several times, then wait for the bars to load up …..this could go on for ages before it would start working again.”

Hayley  also said that the family struggle to download videos and photos on Facebook and that if they want to watch something on Youtube, they wait “half the day” for the subject matter to download. 

“To be honest, I do nearly all my college work in Galway, in the college library,” she added. 

“At this stage, if I have work to do and I am coming home, I nearly always download whatever I need in Galway and then bring it home with me; it means I will get my study and assignments done, and done on time.

“I can’t risk doing it at home.”