Kenagh Christmas turkeys in demand

Kenagh Christmas turkeys in demand

For most of us Christmas comes just once a year. For Kitty Doyle in Kenagh however, it's a six month process to get the turkeys ready for many Christmas tables.

Originally from Moydow, Kitty has lived in Kenagh for fifty years, and has spent the last fifteen in the turkey business with her son Thomas. 

Kitty's Christmas preparation begins in July, when the turkeys are just one day old. 

“They have their first feed with us,” she explained, continuing; “they are kept inside under the heat for the first month under observation.”

With over 400 turkeys, they have their hands full. 

“We have to keep an eye on them that they're not too hot or not too cold. If the temperature isn't right they'll climb on top of each other and smother each other. And if the power went out you'd be in serious trouble, but we have generators.”

Once they're strong enough, the turkeys are taken off the heat and brought outside, weather depending of course. 

Kitty said; “They love pecking on the grass and spreading their wings.”

The turkeys are free range and raised that way until they're brought to the abattoir. On return, the HSE does an inspection before they are sealed up for delivery.

Enjoying a regular returning customer base while also welcoming new customers every year, their turkeys are renowned for their great taste at an affordable cost.

Most of the 400 turkeys will go for Christmas, but the ones left over never go to waste. 

Kitty explained; “We usually have a few left over but we never worry about that as we use them up. People usually have them booked for Easter or other occasions.”

To place an order for a turkey, call Doyle's in Kenagh on 043 33 22208 or 086 607 2946.