Longford library to host introduction to Mindfulness

Longford library to host introduction to Mindfulness

Longford library has been hosting a ‘Minding Yourself’ programme focusing on mindfulness as a tool to manage stress and improve your quality of life for a number of years.

The new programme for this year with Paul Marsden will begin on Wednesday, October 26 for four weeks at Longford Library. The programme costs €20 for the four weeks and will run from 7pm to 8.30pm each Wednesday night.

Each week the programme will look at a different aspect of Mindfulness. Week one (October 26) is an introduction which looks at what Mindfulness is and how it can benefit one’s life. This session will close with basic Mindfulness exercises.

Week two (November 2) looks at building Mindfulness into our daily lives. We ask; ‘What do Mindful people do that others don’t?’ and ‘How can we all be more Mindful?’

We also take a look at some more advanced exercises.

Week three (November 9) looks at the multiple applications of Mindfulness in treating worry, anxiety and depression. We also look at applying Mindfulness to study, remembering, learning and sleep. We close this session with some exercises.

In week four (November 23) we investigate how to develop the habit of Mindfulness. We also use cues to help you be mindful throughout the day. The close of this session will mark the close of the programme for this year. There will also be further exercises and relaxation.

For further information about this programme, please contact library@longfordcoco.ie or telephone 043-3341124.