Longford District Court: Fined €250 after incident in Kenagh

A man accused of dangerous driving had his charge downgraded to careless driving at last week’s sitting of Longford District Court. 

Colm Murtagh, Clonmee, Lanesboro, Co Longford was charged following a road traffic collision which took place on November 24, 2015 at Knockatarry, Kenagh, Co Longford.

The court heard that on the date in question, at approximately 4:50pm, the defendant was travelling from Longford to Kenagh. He was towing a car trailer, which had no operating lights. 

Mr Murtagh was travelling on a straight road and just after McGiff’s cross, he signalled to turn right into a field. He waited for oncoming traffic to pass and proceeded to turn. 

However, a car was approaching from behind and, having dipped their headlights coming up to the traffic, didn’t see the trailer. They tried to manoeuvre away from the defendant’s vehicle, but collided with the trailer and oncoming cars.

“Don’t the lights have a reflective quality, even if they’re not working,” Judge Hughes asked. He was then shown photographs of the scene of the incident, which showed the trailer's lights to be out.

“The trailer was not going to appear on the road again,” explained Solicitor for the accused, Mr Frank Gearty. “It was going to be left in the field.”

Acknowledging that it was not the defendant’s driving which caused the incident, Judge Hughes said that he would accept a plea to a section 52 - careless driving. 

After hearing from Mr Gearty that the defendant is a young, single man who works seasonally with Bord na Móna, Judge Hughes fined Mr Murtagh €250.