Granard lights crisis meeting

Granard lights crisis meeting

A north Longford town could be facing up to the possibility of having no Christmas lights in place  due to  ongoing financial concerns, writes Liam Cosgrove.

Concerned committee members have called what's been dubbed a 'crisis meeting' tomorrow night (Thursday) in Granard to discuss the seriousness of the situation.

Its secretary Fiona Macken urged as many stakeholders as possible to attend, saying it was vital more people came on board.

  “We have labelled it a crisis meeting to try and get a greater level of interest from local people, but yes it is about funding,” she said.

“We (Granard) are a relatively large community in the north Longford region butwhat this all boils down to is a skeleton committee trying to get it (Christmas lights) off the ground.”

Ms Macken said an invitation had been sent out to Longford County Council in the hope a representative from the local authority will attend.

She also redirected that same message to encourage local businesses to play their part in ensuring Granard was lit up over the festive period.

 “The people on the committee are ratepayers, it's completely voluntary and we are trying to fundraise ourselves.

“It's imperative more businesses come on board and representatives from Longford County Council are there. Ms Macken said it was in the interests of local firms to get behind the committee by attending tomorrow night's meeting.

“It's the businesses that benefit from it with all the people that come into the town to see the lights and we are asking them to come to the meeting otherwise it (Christmas lights) won't happen,” she said.

Local Cllr, PJ Reilly empathised with the difficulties committee members faced, but said the issue revolved around the lights' annual electricity bill.

“The (County) Council will help in any way it  can although after this Christmas it won't pay the ESB any longer on it,” he said.

Tomorrow (Thursday) night's meeting is scheduled to take place in John V Donohoe's Lounge at 8:30pm.