Planning granted on former Longford Creamery site

Planning granted on former Longford Creamery site

Planning has been granted for some exciting new developments at the former Longford Creamery site, Connaught Road, Longford.

Ruby Way Limited made four planning applications in total to Longford County Council.

The first was for a mixed use retail/commercial development, consisting of a two storey café/coffee shop unit with ancillary staff areas; a two storey restaurant/take-away (including drive through take-away); a two storey building comprising a retail unit at ground floor level and a retail unit at first floor level; signage; bin storage; car and bicycle parking spaces; lighting and all associated landscaping, boundary treatment, engineering and site development works necessary to facilitate the development, including the demolition of all existing buildings and structures on the site. 

It also includes the provision of a new distributor road, cycle lane and footpath that will connect the site with Connaught Road to the south and little Water Street to the north. 

The second development comprises  a single storey licensed convenience discount which consists of the following: the demolition of all existing buildings and structures on the site; the provision of a single storey convenience discount retail unit with off-licence including loading bay, external plant area, bin storage areas, signage (on the proposed building and totem pole style); provision of car and bicycle parking spaces, the provision of an ESB sub-station and all associated works. 

Ruby Way Limited was  also granted planning permission for a licensed petrol filling station development made up of a single storey ancillary retail and commercial unit (comprising of a retail area, off-licence, coffee shop, cafe and deli area and ancillary staff and store rooms); a forecourt and canopy with fuel dispensing pumps; a car wash area; underground fuel storage; signage; car, HGV and bicycle parking spaces, lighting and all associated works.

Finally, planning was granted for a single storey car sales showroom with ancillary service area and staff area; bin storage areas; signage on the proposed buildings; car parking spaces and all associated works.