Waste companies set price freeze

Bin charges

Waste companies set price freeze
By Patrick Conboy

Mulleady's Ltd, which provides waste disposal services in County Longford, is among a group of waste companies which have provided an undertaking to freeze prices until next year in light of the new pay-by-weight bin charges set to be introduced by the Government.

“We've agreed to fix customers' charges so that they'll continue paying the prices they've been charged up until now,” said Niall Mulleady of Mulleady's Ltd. “We'll also be providing cost comparisons to customers to show how much they'll be paying under Pay By Weight.”

In a statement issued this week, the Irish Waste Management Association (IWMA) explained that, “providing this cost comparison will help householders better understand how waste charges are calculated. They will be able to see how recycling more can reduce their annual charges.”

Additionally, the IWMA announced it will make allowances for households where an incontinent adult is under care.

“Waste contractors who are members of the Irish Waste Management Association have also agreed to provide a weight allowance to HSE patients supplied with incontinence wear to reduce their annual waste charges. IWMA members are committed to an arrangement whereby the additional weight attributed to non-infancy incontinence wear will be collected free of charge,” the statement said.

“The IWMA has been examining the issue for the past two months, meeting with the Carers’ Association to better understand their requirements, and working with the department and the HSE to provide for households with higher volumes of waste than average due to non-infancy incontinence.

“This is a practical solution to hardship experienced by particularly vulnerable people in our society – the aged and those with disabilities.”

The price freeze took effect earlier this week and will remain in place until July 1, 2017.