Longford District Court: Thought car had valid NCT


Longford District Court: Thought car had valid NCT

A woman who appeared charged under the Road Traffic Act at last week’s sitting of Longford District Court charged under the Road Traffic Act had her case adjourned to the middle of May in an effort by the court to allow gardaí to investigate matters further.

Anna May Nevin, Mostrim Road, Ballymahon, appeared before Judge Seamus Hughes charged with non display of a disc; failure to produce and using a commercial vehicle with no certificate of roadworthiness at Drinan, Ballymahon on September 21, 2015.

After the evidence was outlined to the court, the defendant’s solicitor Frank Gearty said his client had taxed the vehicle shortly after the incident and had only recently purchased it when she was stopped by the Gardaí.

He said Ms Nevin had been led to believe that the vehicle had a valid NCT cert until February and was not aware at the time that there were any difficulties in respect of that.

Addressing the court, Ms Nevin then told Judge Hughes that she had gone into the tax office to sort matters out and while there, an official told her that the van had a valid NCT until February.

“When I bought it, it had no disc but the person who sold it to me told me at the time that the NCT was valid on the van until February,” she added.

“Then they told me in the tax office that it had an NCT.”

During his deliberations on the matter Judge Hughes said the court needed to find out for certain if the van was or wasn’t certified.

He adjourned proceedings until May 17 next and ordered the Gardaí to make the relevant inquiries in the meantime.