Longford woman targeted by scammers

Thieves try to access bank account

Longford woman targeted by scammers
By Aoife Carberry

Locals are being urged to be vigilant when dealing with unknown callers, after a Longford woman was targeted by scammers who tried to access her bank account.

The local woman, who does not wish to be named, was contacted from a private number by someone claiming to be from a well known telecommunications company.

After asking her to turn her computer on, the caller gained access to the machine for over an hour, later attempting to sell the woman a security system. A registration form then opened for the victim to fill in, which asked for details including her ATM pin.

At that point, the homeowner had had enough and shut down her computer.

“When I shut down, I rang the bank straight away and found out that within ten minutes, they had tried to access my account twice,” she conceded, before revealing that she had to cancel her cards.

Having brought her computer to be fixed, after it was ruined by the scam, the injured party was alerted to what had really happened.

“They apply a clone anti-virus system and they infect all your files,” she explained.

Adding that she had reported the matter to Longford Garda Station, she admitted; “It was a sobering experience, I was so vexed.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Longford Garda Station encouraged people to “be wary and not to be giving information, especially bank details, to people they don’t know”.

He also added that any suspicious activity should be reported to Longford Garda Station on 043 33 50570