Ballinamuck forest walk

Ballinamuck forest walk
By aisling kiernan

Teagasc, in association with the Forest Service, DAFM, is organising a series of forest walks nationwide throughout the month of April.

One of these events will be held in Ballinamuck on Tuesday, April 26 next.

The focus of this forest walk will be on the management of young mixed woodlands consisting of both conifer and broadleaf species.

At this event, forestry experts from Teagasc and the Forest Service will explain why it is essential to care for young forests.

Liam Kelly, Forestry Adviser with Teagasc explained why early management was so important.

“New forests require several years of active management to become well established,” he added.

“If a forest is not well maintained, future timber revenue is likely to be compromised.

“Forest owners need to take an active role in the management of their forests to maximise future timber revenue. After all, it is the owner that will benefit financially from well looked after trees.”

Mr Kelly went on to say that it was also necessary for young forests to perform well and that budding forest owners needed to know what to look out for and what was required each year. “This is also true if the management of the plantation has been subcontracted out for the first four years,” continued Mr Kelly.

“Another very good reason is because the payment of the maintenance grant and forestry premium is subject to the forest successfully achieving certain standards.

“Focus in the first few years will be on controlling the surrounding vegetation, ensuring that browsing animals won't damage the young trees, replanting of failed trees, assessing nutrient needs, shaping of broadleaf trees, and reducing the risk of fires.”

The forest walk in Ballinamuck is aimed at landowners who have established a new forest in the last few years and those who may be considering planting some land.

If you wish to attend this forest walk, please meet in the car park of the 98 Bar, Ballinamuck, at 7pm sharp on Tuesday, April 26.

The event will be held on an 11 year old crop and everyone is welcome to attend.