Longford District Court: Jailed for driving without insurance

Man sentenced after being convicted of driving without insurance

Longford District Court: Jailed for driving without insurance

A man who appeared at a recent sitting of Longford District Court charged under the Road Traffic Act was sent to jail after he was convicted by the Judge.

Edward Keenan, of Curracreehan, Moydow, Co Longford appeared before Judge Seamus Hughes charged with driving without insurance on March 10 last.

The court heard that Mr Keenan had been disqualified from driving for the same offence in October 2015, and had gone out and bought a car following the court sitting.

Superintendent Fergus Treanor also pointed out that the defendant held 13 previous convictions for road traffic offences.

The court heard that the 23-year-old had been observed driving on March 10 last at 9.10pm with no insurance.

Judge Hughes noted that last year he had given Keenan a sentence of four months in prison, suspended for three years, and had disqualified him from driving for four years.

He asked the defendant’s solicitor whether his client understood the seriousness of his actions.

“He has the most casual demeanour I’ve seen and he doesn’t seem worried,” the judge said.

The solicitor who said his client’s behaviour was “an act of daftness” told the court that Keenan was pleading guilty to the offence at jeopardy of being sent to prison.

Addressing the defendant, Judge Hughes asked him if it had just been the one time he had driven while disqualified.

“Whenever I needed to go to the shop,” said Keenan, who lives at home with his father and is currently unemployed.

The judge said he would not resile from having given a suspended sentence.

He removed the suspension and added an additional month, imprisoning Keenan for five months in total.

He also disqualified him from driving until 2023.