Out-take Community Media offering TV production courses

pLearn how to make TV programmes

Out-take Community Media offering TV production courses

Local television group Out-take Community Media is currently offering six-week training courses to community groups and individuals interested in making local TV programmes.

The initiative follows on from Out-take's successful 'Making TV to Remember' workshops. Each course can accommodate up to 15 participants and over the six weeks they will learn production, presentation, and research skills, along with camera operation, scriptwriting, and editing. At the conclusion of the course, the participants will have created a 60-minute programme relevant to their own interests.

“After the great success of the TV to remember course where the participants made over two hours of media, we are delighted to run a new course for community groups to enable them to tell their story,” said Seamus Clarke of Out-take Community Media.

Out-take Community Media is a community enterprise project dedicated to the development of local citizen-made television in the midlands.

For more information about this course, contact Seamus Clarke on 085 119 1118 or by emailing seamusc90@gmail.com