Longford GAA Chairperson Albert Cooney hits out at social media negativity

Rathcline clubman re-elected unopposed for a second term in the top position

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Longford GAA Chairperson Albert Cooney

Rathcline clubman Albert Cooney, re-elected unopposed for a second term as Longford GAA Chairperson, delivered a wide ranging address to the virtual Convention via zoom on Thursday night last and was in a rather angry mood when he reflected on the social media negativity.  

“Managing GAA  affairs of any county is a very responsible task, and Longford is no different. We get most decisions right, but we will never get everything right no matter how much we try. When issues arise that may not be to the satisfaction of everyone, we have no problem being made aware of the problem, and if we deserve criticism, no problem with it being delivered to us in the proper manner and spirit, ie, for a positive outcome. 

“Social media platforms are very useful, when used in the proper fashion for sharing news items, social contact and general communications as they were originally intended. Unfortunately, there is a certain element of society that hide behind false identity while they vent their anger, criticism, and false accusations at our volunteer officers, team managers, players and general members, often destroying their confidence and ability to carry out their allotted tasks. 

“We had a number of incidents of this type this year in Longford, some of which were very direct and personal, causing a lot of distress for the families of the victims. This is not the type of reward that our volunteers expect and should not be subjected to this type of abuse. Shame on the individuals that engage in this activity, you are not welcome at the GAA table.”