Longford and Louth clash in the championship for the first time since 2017

Winners meet Laois in Leinster SFC quarter-final on Sunday November 8

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Eoghan Gallagher on the ball for Louth in breaking away from Longford opponent Dessie Reynolds. Action from the 2020 NFL Division 3 game at Pearse Park back in January Picture: Declan Gilmore

Longford and Louth clash in the championship for the first time since 2017 when Longford won an All-Ireland qualifier by eight points. They met in this year’s Allianz League Division 3  when Longford won by three points in the first round.


2017: Longford 2-15 Louth 1-10 (All-Ireland qualifiers)

2010: Louth 1-11 Longford 1-7 (Leinster 1st round)

2002: Louth 3-17 Longford 1-12 (Leinster 1st round) Replay

2002: Louth 1-14 Longford 2-11 (Leinster 1st round) Draw

2001: Longford 1-11 Louth 1-9 (Leinster 1st round)

The winners at TEG Cusack Park, Mullingar on Sunday will play Laois in the quarter-final on Sunday week, November 8, and Longford will have home advantage if they manage to beat Louth.

Longford v Louth - Last Five Meetings 

National League Division 3 2020

Longford 0-16 Louth 1-10, Glennon Brothers Pearse Park

LONGFORD: Paddy Collum; Patrick Fox, Andrew Farrell, Barry O’Farrell; Iarla O’Sullivan (0-1), Gary Rogers, Colm P Smyth (0-1); Darren Gallagher (0-5, three frees & ‘45s), Kevin Diffley; Dessie Reynolds (0-1), Daniel Mimnagh, Michael Quinn (0-1); Rian Brady (0-4, two frees), Joseph Hagan, Oran Kenny.

Subs:- Darragh Doherty (0-2) for B O’Farrell (half-time); Liam Connerton for O Kenny (62 mins); Peter Lynn (0-1) for I O’Sullivan (68 mins). 

Louth: Craig Lynch; Daniel Corcoran, Dermot Campbell, Andrew Mooney; Liam Jackson, Emmet Carolan, Eoghan Callaghan; James Califf, Tommy Durnin (0-2, one free); Gerry Garland (1-0), Ciarán Downey, Conall McKeever; Sam Mulroy, Declan Byrne (0-1, mark), Ryan Burns (0-5, four frees).

Subs: Oisín Murray (0-1) for McKeever (40), Eoghan Duffy for Garland (44), Bevan Duffy for Califf (55), Conor Grimes for Mulroy (55), Paul Mathews (0-1) for Byrne (62).

Referee: Martin McNally (Monaghan).

National League Division 3 2019

Louth 0-9 Longford 1-8, Gaelic Grounds Drogheda 

Louth: Fergal Sheekey; Hugh Osborne, Darren Marks, Daniel Corcoran; Anthony Williams, Bevan Duffy, John Clutterbuck; Tommy Durnin (0-1), Conor Early; Ruairí Moore, Ciarán Downey (0-1), Conall McKeever (0-1); Andy McDonnell, Tadhg McEnaney (0-1), Ryan Burns (0-4, three frees).

Subs: Fergal Donohoe for Marks (13), Sam Mulroy (0-1) for McEnaney (HT), Conor Branigan for Moore (41), Eoghan Duffy for Downey (56), Eoghan Callaghan for McKeever (68).

LONGFORD: Paddy Collum; Darran Quinn, Andrew Farrell, Barry O’Farrell; Colm P Smyth, Barry McKeon, Daniel Mimnagh; Darren Gallagher (0-2, one ‘45), Michael Quinn; Peter Lynn, Shane Donohoe, Pauric Gill; Robbie Smyth (1-3, 0-1 free), Liam Connerton, Cillian Lee. 

Subs:- Darragh Doherty (0-1) for C Lee (48 mins); Joseph Hagan (0-1) for P Lynn (56 mins);  Nigel Rabbitte (0-1) for S Donohoe (60 mins). 

Referee: Noel Mooney (Cavan).

O’Byrne Cup 2019

Longford 1-16 Louth 1-16, Glennon Brothers Pearse Park

LONGFORD: Paddy Collum; Colm P Smyth (0-1), Barry O’Farrell, Darran Quinn; Conor Shields, Michael Quinn, Barry McKeon; Darren Gallagher (0-4, three frees), Peter Hanley; Shane Donohoe (0-1), Pauric Gill (0-1), Andrew Farrell; Robbie Smyth (0-6, three frees), Peter Lynn (1-1), Darragh Doherty (0-2). 

Subs:- PJ Masterson for C Shields (57 mins); Liam Connerton for P Gill (57 mins); Cillian Lee for B O’Farrell (60 mins). 

Louth: Alan McGauley; Fergal Donohue, Darren Marks, James Craven; Leonard Grey, Anthony Williams (0-1), Eoghan Callaghan; Bevan Duffy, Tommy Durnin; Ciaran Downey (0-2), Ronan Holcroft (0-1), Declan Byrne (0-4); Niall Conlon, Sam Mulroy (0-3, two frees), Tadhg McEnaney (1-2, 0-1 free).

Subs: John Clutterbuck for Grey (19), Conor Earley for Callaghan (HT), Daniel Corcoran for Donohue (HT), Conall McKeever (0-1) for Conlon (HT), Conor Branigan for McEnaney (HT), Jim McEneaney (0-1) for Holcroft (43), Eoghan Duffy for Downey (59), Ross Nally (0-1) for Mulroy (62).

Referee: Fergal Smyth (Offaly).

All-Ireland Qualifiers Round 1A 2017

Louth 1-10 Longford 2-15, Gaelic Grounds Drogheda 

Louth: Craig Lynch; Padraig Rath, John Bingham (0-2), Kurt Murphy; James Stewart, Darren McMahon, Anthony Williams; James Califf (0-3, two frees), Andy McDonnell; Ruairi Moore, Paraic Smith, Bevan Duffy; Patrick Reilly, Eoin O’Connor (0-1), Jim McEneaney (0-1).

Subs: Declan Byrne for Stewart (28), Adrian Reid for Murphy (37), Tommy Durnin (0-1) for Smith (40), Ryan Burns (0-2, frees) for Moore (40), Gerard McSorley (0-1, free) for McEneaney (45), Derek Crilly for Califf (55).

LONGFORD: Paddy Collum; Dermot Brady, Padraig McCormack, Barry Gilleran (0-1); Donal McElligott, Michael Quinn (0-1), Dessie Reynolds (0-1); John Keegan (0-1), David McGivney (0-3, two frees); Diarmuid Masterson, James McGivney, Daniel Mimnagh; Robbie Smyth (0-7, five frees), Liam Connerton (1-0), Barry McKeon (1-0).

Subs:- Andrew Farrell for B Gilleran (62 mins); Larry Moran (0-1) for J McGivney (65 mins); Conor Berry for D McGivney (67 mins); Cian Farrelly for B McKeon (70 mins); Paul McGee for D Reynolds (70 mins); Rian Brady for D Brady (70 mins). 

Referee: Noel Mooney (Cavan). 

National League Division 3 2017

Louth 0-11 Longford 0-10, Gaelic Grounds Drogheda

Louth: Craig Lynch; Pádraig Rath, Patrick Reilly, Kevin Carr; Derek Maguire (0-1), Liam Dullaghan, Anthony Williams; Tommy Durnin (0-1), Andy McDonnell (0-1); James Stewart, Páraic Smith (0-1), Bevan Duffy (0-1); Ruairí Moore, Jim McEneaney (0-1), Ryan Burns (0-5, four frees)

Subs: Declan Byrne (0-1) for Moore (HT), Conall McKeever for Duffy (50, black card), Ronan Holdcroft for McEneaney (60), Eoin O’Connor for McDonnell (64).

LONGFORD: Paddy Collum; Paul McGee, Barry Gilleran, Dermot Brady; Donal McElligott, Pádraig McCormack (0-1), Cian Farrelly; Barry O’Farrell, John Keegan; Darren Gallagher, James McGivney, Barry McKeon; Robbie Smyth (0-7, six frees), Liam Connerton, Sean McCormack (0-1, free). 

Subs:- Daniel Mimnagh for P McGee (24 mins): Brian Farrell (0-1) for J Keegan (40 mins black card); Dessie Reynolds for B McKeon (54 mins); Michael Quinn for J McGivney (55 mins); David McGivney for D Gallagher (63 mins); Larry Moran for C Farrelly (67 mins). 

Referee: Niall McKenna (Monaghan).