Down Memory Lane: Politicians leading ‘selfish lifestyles’

David Clarke


David Clarke


James Bannon

The recent “astronomical pay increases” which the government awarded to themselves and to members of the judiciary were condemned in the strongest possible terms at last week's meeting of Longford County Council by politicians from all parties.

“It is gone way beyond the limit” said Cllr Philo Kelly “and the way the pay increases were announced at the same time as the IRA ceasefire, makes it all the more just shows how little they care about the ordinary men and women, they certainly are not worth the salaries they are on now”.

“It is high time the leaders of this country took stock of themselves and stopped their selfish lifestyles”, said Cllr James Bannon.

“it cost the taxpayers of this country £1850 for one overnight stay for the Tanaiste, Dick Spring in New York recently.... this is the man who represents the workers of this country, and the Old Age Pensioners got an increase of £1.80 in the last budget it any wonder that people have such a poor view of politicians”.

Cllr Mae Sexton said “it is an insult in the extreme to ask people to tighten their belts.....that situation only applies to the plebs......salary increases of the kind we have seen recently are an insult to the Irish people, they are a disgrace”, said Cllr Sexton.

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