Fitness with Flan: Tips for setting goals and staying on track

Personal trainer and fitness guru Sean Flannery on the importance of setting goals and how to achieve them

Sean Flannery


Sean Flannery


Fitness with Flan:  Tips for setting goals and staying on track

Sean Flannery

When I was younger I suffered a lot with confidence and belief in my own ability. I don’t know where this came from but on my own reflection it closed the door on so many potential opportunities as I felt I wasn’t worthy enough to stand up and tell my story.

Fast forward to the present day, I run a successful online and 1to1 personal training business in which I coach, teach and guide people to try and upgrade their life. These people are often stuck in a rut or they are lacking direction. It is therefore my responsibility to ensure clarity is established in terms of setting very specific and achievable goals to hopefully get the ball rolling again.

Recently, I was asked to present and speak in Athlone Institute of Technology in front of a lecture hall full of first, second and third year sport and recreation students. I discussed a lot of different topics from my humble beginnings in business, building confidence to take action and how putting you at the centre is essential when making important decisions.

I feel a lot of people are failing to prioritise themselves anymore leading to problems with their physical and mental health which can be so easily avoided by being mindful and not waiting until the problem has grown and gathered momentum. Goal setting and planning are a great way to kick start a new journey, especially if you are stuck in a rut and failing to see any light at the end of the tunnel. Personal perspective is vital as I have seen many a person set goals, feel great at the time only to be in the same spot six months down the line. There has to be a unique emotional attachment that stimulates a person to take action and a process clearly outlined for that behavioural change to occur.

Finally, take stock for a second and think about all the positive relationships, people and milestones you have achieved already. These took time to form and took a series of small wins day in day out to be achieved. Nothing happens by accident and from my experience with clients it is better for long term success that change happens this way rather than the dreaded “quick fix” that being honest is no use to anyone especially when trying to establish goals, clarity and a deeper meaning towards your health and fitness lifestyle.

3 Simple tips I use that help keep me on track:

1.Create an accountability system that is supportive and reliable to help you stay on track when you are having bad day. This can be in the form of friends, family or mentors that have your best interests heart and you can trust in your moments of difficultly.

2.Ensuring you have at least one well-established and enjoyable task that you look forward to doing each and every day. Otherwise you will feel burnt out , overwhelmed and run down as you will lose sight of why you are working so hard in the first place.

3, Energy is a luxury we are given at the start of everyday. It is important to remember to prioritise our most important tasks early in the day and a good way to do this is to block off time slots in order to get the most important things done.

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