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Tim Stanley (as opposed to Tim Shanley!) wrote in the Telegraph on Christmas morning, an article about how Christianity is reported in such cold, scientific language.

Most of the cool, educated broadcasters are too scientific to admit anything strange that cannot be explained away with cold logic.

In spite of that, it is interesting how commentators in the UK are quite comfortable talking about the religiosity of Christmas, and what it actually means in the first place.

Later that same Christmas day, the Queen of England gave a speech broadcast on several stations, in which she unapologetically said that it all started with a baby born 2,000 years ago, whose impact is still felt all over the world. She spoke clearly and easily about the Christ being born on Christmas Day.

No political correctness which doesn’t allow anyone the freedom to say what they think; no unease from thinking what the modernists might feel; no apology for stating what she believes.

Tim Stanley ends the excellent article by saying that when talking about the history of Jesus Christ it’s actually impossible to remain wholly objective because the more you understand, the more you believe. He quotes some facts that we all know.

A virgin carried a baby in her womb. She and her husband travelled to Bethlehem, where she gave birth, and the child was venerated by those who had been told of his coming. That child grew up to perform miracles. He was eventually arrested and crucified: he rose again on the third day. He ascended into Heaven.

Once you accept this historical record, you are left with a true gift: the promise that He will come again.

Happy New Year