Longford Leader Columnist Mattie Fox: Mullinalaghta’s heartwarming story can inspire others

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Mullinalaghta St Columba's

Captain Shane Mulligan

Every single national paper in the country covered the exploits of Mullinalaghta during the Christmas season.

Heartwarming for anyone from that parish, and also heartwarming for Longford people far and wide.

The team demonstrated their sense of belonging, at every turn, not once did any member of the team make a wrong comment.

But it’s easy to avoid saying anything wrong when you come from such a mentality of unselfish purity in the first place.

Many, many club teams, and indeed county teams, can take a leaf out of the book according to Mullinalaghta.

It probably won’t happen, however, but it can be an inspiring story that will live long after the winners of the first ever Leinster Championship against one of the super teams of Dublin GAA, are no longer playing football. What’s the betting that it will live on long enough to supersede the end of life for the team of today?

It is that incredible and amazing an achievement: something that is so rare because such a happening has simply never occurred in the past, at least in Leinster.