Longford Leader Columnist Mattie Fox: Who cares about law abiding, plain people and what they think?

Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox



Mattie Fox

Longford Leader columnist, Mattie Fox

Compliance is a necessary ingredient where humans exist. That means everywhere there are humans the most important thing for everyone to understand is compliance.

Compliance should not be compromised by rights, or other perceived entitlements that radicals always cite as a reason for restraint in normal society.

It’s often the case that the desires of the few, outweigh the rights of the majority. When that happens, anarchy is very close to reality.

We’ve had anarchy affecting thousands upon thousands of passengers in the days coming up to Christmas.

A few lawbreakers affected the absolute rights of over 135,000 decent people coming home for Christmas. This cannot be tolerated.

In this day and age of technical advance, it should be eminently possible for any airport to be equipped with the capacity to spot any intrusion into the local air space.

This they should execute by targeting any drones invading that space and either rendering them non-functioning, or else destroying them on sight.

Nobody has any rights to interfere with the smooth running of any airport.

It would hardly be any breach of equality to put drones against the might of the airport providing it, if that airport was equipped and manned to deal with intrusions into the air space.

England will soon ensure that what happened, can never happen again. Compliance must sometimes be enforced by the rule of law.

We see the effects of the breakdown in compliance all around us, in our everyday lives, again and again.

We are so engaged and browbeaten by the modernists among us that we dare not speak about anything that upsets the status quo.

Well, what about the majority of the plain people, who do uphold the law? Who cares what they think?

We are now bowing and scraping on foot of the LGBT brigade, the pro abortion people, the anti-Catholic lobby, anybody who takes it into their heads to change the law on this that or the other can do so without fear. They will, inevitably get their way.

Celebrations bordering on triumphalism are the result of any new rule. Yet, the media have a way of reporting such magical moments that smacks of being less than balanced.

Doesn’t matter what the silent majority think, it’s the new order at work. Make Ireland more modern, more up to date, more fashionable, more accepting of other religions, more understanding of the needs of others who don’t care about Ireland’s proud history.

History has been shattered, torn asunder, and thrown on the scrap heap along with other old stuff.

It’s no longer politically correct to say I’m a catholic, yet it’s funny how the same rationale hasn’t yet touched the Protestants who are merely a few words away from being catholic themselves. The lapsed Catholics among us live in fear of being politically incorrect.

Protestants are a good people, kind, and caring for the most part.

Great neighbours which is a good barometer of behaviour and respect.

The real target of most of the behavioral change is the Catholics.

A land that was once practicing and obedient Catholics has become a haven for illegitimacy - in the broadest sense, I mean.

Non compliance is the new order, which reached its zenith in the recent drone farce in Gatwick airport.

The church caused much of the change, and yet it’s not the church as we know it, that caused any of it.

Rather it’s the Curia in Rome which is rotten to the core.

Rome is seen as the bastion of Catholicism.

Real Catholicism happens in spite of Rome, not because of it. The Catholic Church survives in most rural parishes in Ireland, and is very healthy in the USA.

We all hope that Pope Francis, a good man, manages to make some changes on his watch.