Longford Leader Columnist Mattie Fox: Praise be to the heavens

Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox



Longford Leader Columnist Mattie Fox: Praise be to the heavens

A footpath on the Soran end of Ballinalee!

Praise be to the heavens. It’s a virtual miracle.

After seven years of cajoling, negotiation, insistence, and wearying constant hustle, Tom O’Neill finally got his footpath running past his gate, and on into Ballinalee.

Well not quite into Ballinalee.....sin sceal eile....but almost as far as the village itself. What’s seldom is wonderful.

No more will Tom and his wife Breege take their lives into their own hands venturing to the village. They, and their dogs who are their eyes, can relax now and walk unworried to Mass, to shop, to the pub, or just for a nice walk in the fresh air.

Happy days.

The county council were finally given the go ahead recently and when they had that, with they quickly turned the last remaining obstacle course into a real, live footpath.

Nice and wide as Tom & Breege need, and therefore extremely safe, protecting walkers from risking life and limb traversing the dangerous bends that curve around that end of the village like a snake.

Cars travelling at outrageous speeds made that a genuinely dangerous road for anyone to walk on.

Those of us who have the fullest vision had to change sides of the road going in and coming out from the village.

Consequently, one could not, in all fairness walk into the village after dark. To do that would be potentially life threatening.

Praise is due to local council member Micheál Carrigy who finally got it over the line a few weeks ago.

Our photo shows Micheál with Tom O’Neill walking the footpath for the very first time, after Tom had arrived from Dublin to experience the new level of safety.