Longford Leader Columnist: We have become absolutely immune to drama of any kind

Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox



Mattie Fox

Longford Leader columnist, Mattie Fox

Alack of order, or unpredictability is something that is best encapsulated in the word entropy.

Mostly found in the area of physics, it can be applied most tellingly to the state our world has gradually become.

Unrest, violence, assaults, and a somewhat off handed way of seeing terrible actions is the result of an ever creeping sort of entropy. Entropy is the disorder of a system.

Currently affecting everywhere in the world, as far as I can see.

Ireland is no stranger to this development and is currently under the shadow of more and more disorder, disorientation, absence of social respect, and a terrible dangerous thing is beginning to envelop us in its encroaching cancerous effect.

How many times do we now hear of murder?

Without too much concern being shown?

Daily, almost. Not much talk is made of a murder anymore yet we are an island people, supposed to be aware of the wider world and supposed to see everything in sharp relief.

Everything affects everything, and the fact is, that the reporting of a murder was once a real story. But when anything becomes the norm then it loses sight of the dramatic sense of actuality that should accompany the happening.

Everywhere we see society declining all around us, but it’s subtle, and gradual, and has crept up on us like a ghost in the night.

Unseen unheard, and unaware.

All areas of society are affected.

Hospitals which once the ordinary people trusted implicitly, are now so badly managed that nobody believes in anything they say anymore. Hospitals nowadays are completely preoccupied with legal issues, and are seeking advice daily almost, when in fear of something not having been carried out in the manner that ordinary people would surely expect.

But the hospitals are prone to being anesthetised too, and now they’re at the point of seeing any legal challenge as routine.

How often have lawyers spent two, three, five even six years eventually settling a case paying millions upon millions to the poor patient, but of course under the absolute condition that it is ‘without prejudice’ and ‘without liability being admitted’?


Nurses are overwrought most of the time, and it’s not unusual to see filthy floors, dirty utensils, and bad practice being the order of the day in our run down hospitals.

Patients on trolleys have now become a constant part of what’s supposed to be a healthcare system.

Who’d put their parents on a trolley at home?

Most of our better medics are emigrating.

Few people seem to believe in anything anymore, and religion of any kind has fallen by the wayside with many people.

When people believe in nothing, it’s a dangerous sign.

On pitch violence has become so prevalent in the GAA, and other sporting organisations, resulting in significant pay outs in every county, as serial offenders just go too far and are brought to book.

Children have become so expectant of succeeding in everything they seek, that parents are under duress at least some of the time.

Often caring parents will refuse to allow a child do something that the child is demanding, but eventually the parent relents, exhausted with the nagging, pleading and manipulative ways that the young employ to get their way.

This leads to misleadingly high expectations of everyone they come across in later life and cannot understand why anyone should tell them what to do. Authority, has no respect.

Not even when the boss is caring and reasonable.

These and many more social issues are rampant all around us.

We have become absolutely immune to drama of any kind.

Sometimes, like recently, when a long term criminal actually walked into a Garda station enquiring about someone, were the Garda alerted to his presence and eventually caught the perpetrator, but not before a decent, law abiding man lost his life.

The Gardai are hampered with out of date equipment, way behind that which the criminals have access to, at their fingertips.

Fast cars, fast motorbikes, technical advances that are the most modern being produced. They can recce a location several times with drones, high powered cameras, and eventually they strike without retribution. One major haul occurred recently in our own county.

All this has happened through the recent decades, so it’s not just any one party, every government party is answerable.

But, of course, the problem is the constant preoccupation of micro management, worrying about parochial issues to the detriment of the real wider problems in the world of which we are a part.

If only we had more politicians who are actually educated in real politics, we might not be so short sighted.

The issue of global warming is absolutely terrifying, yet nobody in politics cares. Even our Taoiseach is in denial, also Micheál Martin.

They talk, without saying anything.