A black cat for good fortune! National Cat Day is Bank Holiday Monday, October 29

Longford Leader Reporter


Longford Leader Reporter



A black cat for good fortune! National Cat Day is Bank Holiday Monday, October 29

ISPCA Inspector Emma Carroll with rescue kitten Conor at the ISPCA looking for a good home

It’s National Cat Day Bank Holiday Monday, October 29 and the ISPCA is raising awareness for the number of cats, particularly black cats who get over looked at rescue centres.

Sadly, it seems that black cats may be unpopular because of perceptions that they are unlucky or don’t photograph as well in selfies photos which, really isn’t true and the ISPCA wants to change this perception.

Black cats photograph great in bright natural light. Patience is a must for open eyes and the right light, to capture some lovely photos of your adorable black cat or kitten.

In some parts of the world, a black cat on the front porch brings good fortune and according to common seafaring superstition having a black cat on-board was deemed lucky. 

The charity is appealing to members of the public to consider adopting one of these super friendly black cats or kittens from the ISPCA after the commotion of Halloween.

ISPCA Public Relations Manager Carmel Murray said:  “All cats and kittens make wonderful pets and they love nothing more than a warm place to nap and be cuddled.  They are naturally independent making them perfect companions for people with busy lifestyles.  Not only are they great company but stroking a cat has been known to release endorphins in the brain associated with happiness and well-being, linked to lowering blood pressure and the risk of heart disease.

All cats and kittens at the ISPCA are fully vet checked, vaccinated, treated for parasites, cat-flap and litter trained, neutered/spayed (when old enough) and also come with six weeks free pet insurance before they are responsibly rehomed.  We ask for an adoption donation of €50 to help us cover some of our veterinary costs.

The ISPCA recommend that pet owner’s microchip their cats and kittens as it is the best way to ensure that a lost feline will be returned to you.

With Halloween right around the corner, animals should have a secure place to hide if they are scared by the noise of fireworks or trick-or-treaters calling to the door. Keeping your pets safely indoors and leaving the lights low, and playing the radio will help keep them calm and prevent them from escaping.

The ISPCA sees an increase in the number of stray pets around Halloween, largely because of noise such as fireworks, parties or trick-or-treaters which, drives some pets to extreme behaviour and they escape. Once scanned for a microchip, they can be quickly reunited with their owners.

Unfortunately stray animals can fall victim to abuse or cruel Halloween pranks. If you witness animal cruelty, notify your local Garda station immediately and contact the ISPCA National Animal Cruelty Helpline on 1890 515 515.

For more information, please visit https://www.ispca.ie/rehoming/ cats_rehoming/ email info@ispca.ie or call 043 33 25035 (0).