The CRU calls on energy consumers in Longford to #SwitchOn!

Lana Fallon


Lana Fallon


The CRU calls on energy consumers in Longford to #SwitchOn!

Pictured: Maia Dunphy at the CRU Switch On launch.

The Commission for The Regulation of Utilities (CRU) is calling on the people of Longford to Switch On their savings, rights and safety as consumers of electricity and gas.

A recent survey conducted by the CRU, found that despite 53% of Irish people saying that they are willing to step outside their comfort zone on a regular basis, hundreds of thousands of people are failing to switch energy providers to save money.

The CRU recently launched its Switch On campaign with the help of writer and broadcaster Maia Dunphy. The aim of the campaign is to encourage Longford people to Switch On to savings before they start using more energy in the cold months.

Speaking about the campaign, Aoife MacEvilly, Commissioner at CRU, said: "Many Irish people are missing out on opportunities to discover their rights, safety and savings when it comes to electricity and gas providers. With the average customer saving 300 euro by switching provider, this small change alone can have an enormous impact for individuals and for families. At the CRU we want people to get outside their comfort zone and Switch On to the big differences switching energy providers can make in their daily lives."

The survey also showed that when it comes to change we are our own biggest influencer (34%), with partner or spouse coming in second (26%), apart from those aged 18-24 who stated their friends were their biggest influence at 20%.

In a two-year period, most respondents made a change in their daily lives; 36% stated they would change their car, 35% would change their diet and 27% would change their hairstyle in a two-year period. Reassuringly only 10% said they would change their partner in a 2-year period, with only 16% of respondents stating that they believe they would change where they live.

By changing your energy providers consumers could put the average annual €300 towards their a new car, a gym membership, or more haircuts. For more information on CRU, the Switch On campaign or Maia's thoughts on energy savings,rights and safety, visit