Longford animator Mary Smyth uses local folklore to her creative advantage

Brendan Nwogu & James McCormack, Árdscoil Phádraig


Brendan Nwogu & James McCormack, Árdscoil Phádraig



Longford animator Mary Smyth uses local folklore to her creative advantage

The Aisling Children's Arts Festival kicks off in Longford this week and, to celebrate 20 years of Aisling, the Longford Leader is publishing a number of articles from the Aisling Festival Supplement, which were written by Transition Year Students from a number of local schools.

The oldest of four siblings, she comes from a small village of Ardagh in County Longford. It's none other than Longford animator, Mary Smyth.

She is a very successful Longford animator. Many of our readers have an interest in animation and the Longford Leader encourages those readers to look into Smyth’s work.

She is, after all, from our very own County Longford.

She went to Limerick School of Art and Design and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2017. She mostly specialises in motion design and animation.

She is self-employed and works freelance, specialising in illustrations for mostly books, websites, business adverts, promotional works, paintings and short animation pieces.

Growing up, she enjoyed watching cartoon animations like 'A Bug’s Life', 'Watership Down', and 'Rugrats', while enjoying and studying every procedure involved in it.

She also has an interest in Irish mythology and history and developing stories and works mainly with 2D animation and mixed medias.

Her graduate animated short film 'Twilight Tales' is being screened this year in several countries at film festivals, for example in Romania and Italy.

She explores childhood imagination through 2D animated characters and a miniature bedroom set.

Some of her other works are 'Sidhe Child', 'Hairfolk Series' (Digital Art), 'The Brí Leith Sidhe Kingdom Entrance' and 'Showreel'.

Our readers are encouraged to look up her works online if you have a keen interest in animation because her works are very child friendly, entertaining and at the same time educational.

Wouldn't it be nice to share the same interest with someone from the same county?