68% of parents will make the school lunch from scratch

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68% of parents will make the school lunch from scratch

A survey of Irish parents, carried out by supermarket Aldi has revealed that the majority of parents prepare school lunch from scratch.

68% will take the time to make their child’s lunch from scratch with 25% choosing convenience items in supermarkets stating that lack of time as a major factor for this.

51% of parents with school-age children said the idea of making lunches for their little ones gives them nightmares!

75% of parents said that their children do request certain things to be included in the lunchbox, but they always try to make sure that there is a balance between something the child wants, along with food that is good for them.

93% will include a piece of fruit in their child’s lunchbox, and of these, 83% will include the fruit every day.

Sandwiches were the most popular food item on the lunch menu (67%), followed by crackers and cheese/ham (22%).

Water (80%) and fruit juices (13%) were the most popular drinks, followed by milk (7%).

“Back to school is one of the most stressful times of the year for parents” said Finbar McCarthy, Group Buying Director at Aldi Ireland. “This year at Aldi we have a fantastic Back to School Guide available now in our 133 stores nationwide. It includes tips on how best to start the day with healthy breakfast options, healthy and nutritious snacks to power them through until lunch, top tips for super-fast lunches packed with goodness and at amazing Aldi prices. Also, from the 23rd of August, you can get 30% extra free from a range of meats, bread and cheese giving you even more value for your money.”

30% extra free offer from 23rd August:

  • White Finger Rolls 69c per 8 pack
  • Burger Buns 75c per 8 pack
  • Fresh Link Packs Crumbed/Carved Ham €1.99 per 156g
  • Deli Style Crumbed/Carved Ham €2.19/260g
  • Ham & Chicken Roll/Corned Beef 89c per 156g
  • Pork, Onion & Tomato/Luncheon Roll 89c per 156g
  • Lighter Sliced Mild Red Cheese €1.49 per 260g
  • Sliced Mild Red/White Cheddar €1.39 per 260g
  • Specially Selected Hand-Tied Irish Pork Sausages €2.19 per 639g

Aldi’s Super 6 Offers are an amazing way of getting healthy fruit and vegetables for your child’s lunch, at amazingly low Aldi prices.

Super 6 Offers from Thursday 23rd August – Wednesday 5th September are:

  • Iceberg Lettuce - 49c each – Chop and service as a crispy side dish
  • Loose Red Peppers – 49c each– Low in carbs and loaded with good nutrition
  • Red Apples – 89c per 8 pack – Slice for a yummy, sweet and tangy snack
  • Clementines – 69c per 750g – A great mini-break snack for their lunch box
  • Funsize Bananas – 89c per 7 pack – Perfect for feeding the whole family
  • Red Grapes – 89c per 250g – Great paired with chocolate or hard mature cheddar cheese

*Survey carried out via SurveyMonkey