Longford New Writing: Poetry by Paddy Egan

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Longford Leader



Writing a Eulogy

Arid clay, dry and parched
grass burned red, dead and scorched
Summer twenty eighteen we won't forget
records tell us the hottest yet

Extremes of weather has been our lot
sudden changes from cold to hot
just a few short months ago
the roads were closed with drifts of snow

The Spring was late, land so wet
no crops of corn or spuds were set
fodder scarce, no grass in fields
imported food to maintain milk yields

In May the weather wet and cold
In contrast to the rhyme of old
a wet and windy May
fills the haggard with corn and hay

With crops and grass just over ground
the weather makes a turn around
clean blue skies, sunshine all day
a scorching June on its way

A welcome change of that no doubt
good days ahead we hear them shout
but very soon we're on our knees
when the dial read thirty one degrees

We enjoy the sun, come what may
'twas boiling hot on Solstice Day
For such conditions there is a price
sizzling sunshine just not too nice

The news reports a red alert
water stocks, a worrying dearth
councils warn no more hoses
to wash the car or water roses

Turf and fodder dried and saved
fields are bare as if been shaved
never before such a drought
No sign of rain no root or sprout

Sun worshippers admit they feel the pain
They all agree we need the rain
No signs of change not a drop
It's overdue to grow the crop.

Global warming! The expert says
we have been warned to change our ways
We are to blame for air pollution
revert to nature it's the only solution