Longford Leader Columnist Mattie Fox: Ireland really is in a desperate state

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Mattie Fox

Longford Leader columnist, Mattie Fox

On Wednesday last - June 20 - I read both the Independent and the Irish Times.

The first four pages of each paper carried a mix of reports, all commenting on accidents, murders, drugs, robberies, assaults, felonies, fraud, rape, housebreaking, attacks on the elderly, attacks on women, etc etc..

One person remarked that it was frightening to read the papers.

Well nowadays, it seems once again that any act can be justified, and eventually normalised. Ireland really is in a desperate state. There’s a terrible rampant cancer that sweeps the country, and without fear or favor terrorises decent people from every one of the twenty six counties for which our lawmakers are responsible.

Yet, with very rare exceptions we seldom hear anything that encourages us to feel safer. The Gardaí are busy containing the criminal gangs that live freely in Dublin and are content to display their wealth without any retribution. These are people who don’t, apparently hold any sort of decent job, yet can brandish real money and drive grand cars without a murmur.

Like all public services, the Gardaí too, are suffering from the extreme austerity that has been imposed, and continues to be as though we were still in thrall to the Troika.

It was heartening however to see at least some arrests being carried out in Longford.

It’s a start, but let nobody start thinking that the main people responsible are in danger.

No, the people who are ultimately responsible don’t ever deal with the dirty job of distributing drugs to the foolish, or the unfortunate, or those who have been seduced into the awful habit of taking drugs.

One can only feel immensely sorry for the users, they are the people who pay dearly - sometimes - with their lives.

Ireland is creaking with years of neglect, foolish rhetoric, crazy political promises, and badly run public organisations.

We really need to take all this in hand.