Longford New Writing: Poetry by Bernadette Brudell

Bernadette Brudell


Bernadette Brudell



Writing a Eulogy

The Longford Leader New Writing column provides the creative writers of Longford with an opportunity to share their work with a larger audience. If you have a piece of writing - poetry, prose, etc - you'd like to see published in the Longford Leader, email newsroom@longfordleader.ie with a submission of no more than 1,000 words.

The Seed Catalogue

The seed catalogue arrives
Scanning the seed potato
Ayrshire Early
Kerr’s pink
Tommie Edwards favourite
Golden Wonders
Savoy of course
Curly Kale
Brussels sprouts
A sight to behold in Spring
Peeping through green earth
And scallions
Butterhead and Curly Endive
Perfect with mayonnaise from the grocer van
Day old chicks from Tighes
Rhode Island Red
Hybrid, Leghorn
And the beautifully striped
Plymouth Rock
A hen strays
High on a ditch
In nettles and thicket
A nest of a dozen
Breakfasting in style
On brown and white eggs
Flower seeds bursting in small packets
Sweet Pea, Dahlia,
Bishops Cap, Lupin
Blue and Purple
To sow near wild rockets
Heavily scented in the evening
Preparing the ground
For a rich harvest


Drizzling grey wet atmosphere
Raindrops hovering
In the air
Not wanting to stay in the clouds
Run in riverlets
Or swirl in a rock pool
Still less a lake
Or Sea
Aimlessly saturating all
Between earth and sky
Ripple down the window pane
Inviting heavy thoughts
Sombre contemplation
Denying the poetry
Of sun and sky
Clinging cloying
Inveigling feeling
Diffusion of beauty
Sublimininal sense
Reality submerged
Dappled colour
Sobering dimness
Edges blurred
Corners evaporating
Into fog
Like a Monet painting
Or Alice through the
Looking glass
Another way of seeing
Joined together
A watery lacework
Ensnares the imagination
Showing the world
And life
In another light
Of a rainbow

Smoke Rings in Sepia

The old home
Heavy with atmosphere
Parchment yellow kitchen
Dark corners
Creaking stairs
An old black dresser
Heavy with Delph
Blue spattered elegant china
Summery tablecloth
Dark and patterned with roses
Bone china teacups
Summer heat
Hot stones
Alfred in a brown waistcoat
Languidly smoking his pipe
Gazing at the lakes
A tinkling piano
On the old radio
Afternoon solitude
Sepia pictures
In the mind
Of the child
Over the wall
Catching the rays of the sun
Making fists of sunbeams