Mattie Fox: Longford can be very proud of their performance

Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox

Longford Leader columnist, Mattie Fox

Make no mistake this is a fine Longford team, one of the best we’ve seen in the county colours for a long time.

They have real potential.

They’re a more complete bunch than has existed in the county for several years, and they deserve to make progress. They will too, given time. They’re a young team, with many years ahead of them, and taking a defeat like this, against Fermanagh, and harnessing it, is an essential part of becoming a great footballer. Days like this are hard to take, but Longford must persist with the game they are playing, because it is the right strategy.

They are really talented, skillful, fit, fast, more powerful physically than has been the norm, and seem in general to have a great attitude.

They’ve developed a patient game, very effectively.

Given a more open pitch, and drier ground, with space to portray their full potential, they’ll be hard to beat.

I know Denis Connerton, and have never met a more meticulous manager. A man who prepares to the nth degree, leaving absolutely nothing to chance.

Connerton spends more time on football affairs than any mortal could fairly be expected to.

He’s a good strategist, knows the opposition inside out, and will go to the ends of the earth to find out any nugget that he thinks could aid the team.

Others in the management team are similarly inclined, and as I’ve said recently, we could hardly have a better management team.

I know at least two of them first hand, and can vouch for every single thing they do.

It’s inevitable that they went through great mental stress on Sunday. To lose a game in the dying moments through harsh decisions being taken, by the referee and others on the field, must have been galling.

Watching Longford after the game ended was tough to absorb, but they can be very proud of their performance, although they could easily have ended up being promoted.

The day you stop learning is when you die.

Maybe they’ll be better developed by this time next year.

Then they should really flourish.