Longford's Mattie Fox: Telling it like it is

Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox



Mattie Fox

Longford Leader columnist, Mattie Fox

It was heartening to see Gerry Warnock, the Chairperson of Longford’s Joint Policing Committee, being featured on the front page of the Longford Leader last week.

A man I’ve never really met, as such, but someone for whom I’ve felt some empathy with, for awhile.

Now I know why.

Amongst all the politicians we have in this county, finally we see one standing up and telling it like it is.

I’ve been trying to ascertain why certain members of the Travelling Community seem immune to being criticised or blamed for obvious wrongdoing. Even this paper is very careful of the way they report the actions of certain criminals, and no wonder.

When criminality becomes for some the norm, then we must ask ourselves what are we doing about it.

I agree that it’s partly some strange form of political correctness, that is undeserving. All communities have wild cards within them.

All communities. Even travellers.

People should be given equal rights; equal rights that actually equate to balance without fear or favour, not having any one group being specially treated just because they might rise up and seek retribution.

It’s a sad time of day, when those whose time is spent terrorising decent people around the county, have extended their fear quotient to others.

Gerry Warnock is perfectly correct in what he says, and should be applauded for standing up, and speaking out.

A politician who actually represents the people?

My goodness, where will it end?

The next thing will be someone else getting in on the act.

Except in Gerry’s case, it’s not an act.

As Chair of the JPC, he knows better than most of us, what’s fair and balanced comment, and has the courage to express it.
Ten marks out of ten, for Gerry Warnock.

A politician who deserves everything he earns.

As anyone is, who earns a salary.

Too many don’t earn anything, simply collect the fruits.

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