Down Memory Lane in Longford: Division on roads issue

Story of the week from January 21st, 1994

Longford Leader


Longford Leader


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The President of the North Longford Roads Action Group, country singer Mick Flavin, handed in a letter of protest to Council Chairman Gerry Brady.

The letter rejected “out of hand” the proposed Pilot Scheme whereby local people in North Longford would be required to carry out certain works on county roads in return for an allocation of monies from the Department of the Environment.

With reference to the decision of SIPTU to block any further FAS Schemes where unemployed people are required to carry out road repairs, Cllr Adie Farrell said that a number of FAS Scheme workers had recently built a path in Lanesboro and it was a tremendous job.

“Bejasus in Longford you can't get them to cut a bush”, said Cllr Farrell “what power do the unions have in Longford that they don't have in other parts of the county? If they have all that much power it is time they were axed”.

Cllr Mickey Doherty told the members of the North Longford Roads Group in the public gallery that some Councillors who were “loudly proclaiming support” for their cause in the Council chamber on Monday had voted against extra funding for the North Longford roads in the Estimates meeting.

“When a deputation comes into this Chamber ” said Cllr Doherty “the scarcest commodity of all is common sense”.