Longford's Mattie Fox: Why are we being bullied and ‘shamed’ into hiding our faith?

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Mattie Fox

Longford Leader columnist, Mattie Fox

As Christmas time approaches once again, we have the “liberals” in Ireland who think it is appropriate and correct to stop the use of the “Christmas” word in our greetings.

They want us to say “Happy Holidays”!

What I would like to know is, do they all go on holidays and think we should do that too?

Or, is it because they are not Christians, and simply want to take the religion out of the season?

Someone should tell them that Christmas is actually a religious feast day.

All Christians - who are vastly in the majority in this country - want them to know that we are no longer going to be cowed into taking “Christ” out of Christmas, or taking cribs out of hospitals, or holy pictures out of schools.

Enough is enough.

According to the latest census figures the vast majority of people living in Ireland are Christian - Catholic, Protestant, and several other faiths, north and south - so why are we being bullied and ‘shamed’ into hiding our faith? Whenever the census tells us otherwise, I will happily respect the majority. Meanwhile and until that happens.....

The decent, kind hearted, hard working people of this Island deserve better, and I wish that people who hold power and influence, including especially national media, newsprint and TV alike, would be broad minded enough to show some real respect - that is also politically correct!

A visitor to Dubai does not expect that the early morning prayers be abandoned because it might upset them.
No apology is needed where there is respect.

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