Croke Park Lunch a great day for Longford GAA

Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox

Longford Leader columnist, Mattie Fox

Longford GAA held its first Longford Lunch in Croke Park on Friday, November 17 last.

Attended by over 500, it was a very successful event, promoted by Billy, Mike, and Pat Glennon, and featuring Sinead Hussey as the MC.

Given the way the event was set up, it should return around €80,000 to the coffers of the county board.

The attendance was treated to a really superb lunch, for which all present gave huge praise. It was terrific to see Longford doing something really right, and surely elevated the status of the county to higher levels within the organisation at large.

Starting at around midday, the day kicked off with a nice introduction by Mike, who was sparing in his self praise , a very good sign!

He hardly mentioned Glennons sponsorship of Pearse Park, which made for a refreshing change. Mike spoke, and was followed by Sinead who has become ever more relaxed and authoritative over the last few years, and comes across as a very clear advocate of whatever event she is seeking to lend her support.

PJ Gallagher, the comedian, who entertained the diners for about 40 minutes, was hilarious in his routine.

Another well-known comedian, Aprés Match member Barry Murphy, was scintillating in his spot, and made his trademark impression on the event.

Another act which probably surprised everyone was the Italian Waiters, a singing ensemble of one male and two females, who appeared with cloths thrown over their shoulders, but are truly marvellous singers.

All members of the county board were on show, and it’s encouraging to see them all behaving as one voice.

Great fun was had with the various raffles, which went very well and swelled the coffers accordingly.

A great day for Longford GAA, and may it be the first of many.

Maybe we’ll get the park ready for Meath in the first round after all.