Down Memory Lane in Longford: Council threatened with legal action

Story of the week from July 17th, 1992

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Longford Leader


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Members of Longford Urban Council are facing the threat of legal action from a group of Annaly Park residents for their handling of a controversial development being undertaken by the owner of a fast food premises.

For the third month in a row residents from Annaly Park have packed the public gallery at meetings of Longford Urban Council as the controversy continues to rage over the establishment of a service entrance behind the Main Street fast food premises known as Luigis , which is owned by Mr Dominic Macari.

“We don't want to issue legal proceedings against Mr Macari or the Urban Council”, warned the residents solicitor Mr John Quinn “but we have to protect the rights of the people who live in this town..... is there some sort of cover-up going on?”

Cllr Tony Carberry said the people to blame for this “whole sorry mess” were the Planning Officers of the Council. “We are not going to be made scapegoats by the people who aren't even here.....too many people are hiding behind cloaks, they haven't even the guts to be here tonight”.

“This whole dispute has enterted an ugly phase and a lot of people have taken timely vacations and are hiding behind doors”, said John Barry. “I have every sympathy for the people of Annaly Park....they deserve answers.