Down Memory Lane in Longford: Cash crisis hits Council

Story of the week from March 20, 1992

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Longford Leader


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A bitter row erupted in the Chamber of Longford County Council this week when the County Manager revealed that he is faced with the choice of either getting rid of a number of services or increasing rates in the face of a major cash crisis which has hit the local authority.

Cllr Mae Sexton raised the question of the building of new Council offices on Water Street at a time when the Council is in severe financial crisis.

“I have never heard so much bloody rubbish in my life ” said Cllr Sexton “in the name of God what possessed this council to build new offices at a cost of £144,000 per year for the next twenty years when you have no money”.

“I wouldn't build myself a new house if I couldn't afford the one I was already living in”, continued Cllr Sexton, “yet that is exactly what this council has done and now you are all whinging and crying about having no money.....

“You have been warned about this for the past seven years in the Audit of Account and seven years is a long time to get a warning”.  

After a great deal of acrimonious debate during which chairman Cllr James Bannon was accused of trying “to split the Council” - two proposals were put forward.