Down Longford's Memory Lane: To be or not to be 

Story of the week from July 13th, 1990

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Longford Leader


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When is a pothole not a pothole? - that was the big question facing members of Longford County Council at a special Roads Meeting on Monday last.

“It took eighty per cent of the roads maintenance money to patch 16 roads in north Longford”, said Gerry Brady who was somberly-dressed for the occasion in a navy suit, “and I have a whole list of roads here to be patched”.

“Excuse me, those roads have already been patched” corrected Engineer Alec O'Sullivan, who hastily stood up from the back of the Council Chamber with his hand waving in the air.

“No they are not,” said a defiant Gerry Brady. “It says here that these are roads 'to be patched'.”

“Those two words 'to be' should not be written on your list,” said Mr O'Sullivan, who looked imploringly in the direction of acting County Engineer Mel McCormack for some assistance.

“Or not to be”, quipped Bat Lynch. Bat Lynch was back in his County Council “civvies” and spent long periods of time studying the list in front of him.

Peter Kelly  chose to ignore the Government ban on smoking in public buildings and puffed away merrily on his cigarette before standing up and telling everyone he was “more than satisfied” with the state of the roads in his area.