Down Memory Lane: Bannon refuses apology after walk-out

Story of the week from February 16th, 1990

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Requests to James Bannon for an apology after he stormed out of a special County Council roads meeting and allegedly banged the door behind him, were met with silence at another meeting of the Council on Monday.

Cllr Bannon made his quick exit from the Council chamber last Friday afternoon when he received no backing on a list of roads in South Longford he wanted surfaced.

At the opening of Monday's meeting Fintan Flood proposed that Mr Bannon apologise for banging the door and said he showed a lack of respect for the members. This was seconded by Mr Michael Brennan who said Mr Bannon should come out with decency and apologise. “It must be a very strong door. The building even shook”, he said.

Mr  Flood said that Mr Brennan was also due an apology because Mr Bannon had called him names. Mr Bat Lynch said that he possibly just flew off the handle in the heat of the moment the previous Friday.

Mr Seamus Finnan said that Mr Flood's proposal was a childish one. They had all seen doors banged before. “Maybe it was a breezy day”, quipped Deputy Louis Belton. “Some people leave this chamber and don't even pull the door behind them”.

“I think the door is twisted. It's not hung properly”, Mr Andy Dalton said.