Down Memory Lane in Longford: “Festering sore” of conference expenses

Story of the week from December 22nd, 1989

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Longford Leader


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The continuing dispute between Urban Council members Tony Carberry and Philo Kelly on the subject of conference expenses was described as “a festering sore” at last week's UDC meeting. 

County Manager Michael Killeen read a letter to last week's meeting from the Department of the Environment stating that no liability would attach to Longford Urban Council for an angling trip to Holland, Belgium and Great Britain by Cllr Tony Carberry in 1985 which was subsequently surcharged to Mr Killeen following an investigation by the local government auditor.

Cllr Tony Carberry said he was delighted to hear the news that no liability would attach to the Urban Council. “I was out of pocket for that trip”, he said, “and I would like to see other members of this Council going out and doing the job I did for this county”.

“The form of democracy in this Council is nothing short of a national scandal”, declared Philo Kelly and a very angry Tony Carberry jumped to his feet and ordered her to sit down. “Don't you dare speak to my colleagues like that”, he shouted “sit down, sit down....”.

Michael Killeen said he would not like to see Longford Urban Council disclosing the amount of money individual councillors were paid for conferences. “I would be a bit worried about that trend”, he said.