Down Memory Lane in Longford: Fine Gael adding soup to the curry!

Story of the week from June 9th, 1989

Longford Leader


Longford Leader


Down Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane in Longford

There was much amusement at the Fianna Fail party convention in Mullingar last week when Albert Reynolds and Mary O'Rourke decided to speak at length about the 'marriage' of Fine Gael and the Progressive Democrats.

“I knew Fine Gael were in the soup but I never thought they would add curry to it with this shotgun marriage”, said Albert Reynolds.

Referring to the Progressive Democrats as a party who had set themselves up as “the purest of the pure” Mr Reynolds said PD leader Dessie O'Malley had told the Dáil three week's ago that his Euro-candidates would not run for the Dáil.

“Now we have Mary Harney and Bobby Molloy and God knows who else running for the Dáil and for Europe as well”, said Mr Reynolds, “that's a far cry from the purest of the pure”.

Mary O'Rourke told delegates that Alan Dukes said in the Dáil three months ago that his main ambition in life was to annihilate the PDs, “he is well on the way to doing that by getting married to them”.

“Emigration was every bit as bad when I left school as it is today,” said Albert Reynolds. “I had to take a lot of jobs before I got where I am today and I am a lot better for it.”