Down Memory Lane: Battery Road shed comes under UDC scrutiny

Story of the week from May 19th, 1989

Longford Leader


Longford Leader


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A shed which was erected last year on the Battery Road behind a bungalow owned by Longford businessman Michael Byrne was once again the subject of discussion at last week's Urban Council meeting.

The matter was raised by  Brendan McDermott, who asked the County Manager why a warning notice had been issued to Michael Byrne under the Planning Act.

Michael Killeen said a number of warning notices were issued because it was felt that the shed in question was “not being used for purposes which are consistant with the enjoyment of the dwelling house” and therefore it was felt that Mr Byrne should apply for a retention order from the Urban Council.

Tony Carberry said he hoped that the Urban Council were not going to start “a witch hunt”  against the Byrne family. “This young man is a very successful businessman and the people living around him have the height of respect for him”, said Cllr Carberry “and I have never seen anything which would lead me to believe that the shed is being used for commercial purposes”.

Cllr John Barry also felt that the UDC were conducting a witch hunt against Michael Byrne. “If we had more people of the calibre of this young man in our community we would have a better town”, he said.

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