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Longford Leader columnist, Mattie Fox

Well, Mayo fell short once again, and this time it was a definite lack of care that cost them the match.

Foolish to base an opinion on the outcome versus Tyrone; that was never a realistic comparison, and anyone who thought it was should go back to GAA school.

But back to Sunday's game.

Cillian O’Connor missed at least three frees, plus the first Dublin goal was a present from Mayo. Okay some will say they hadn't settled into the game, but the fact is this was an All Ireland and Mayo continued their track record by winning the throw in, and sweeping forward only for it to end up in a wide.

They spurned four to five very score-able opportunities and unfortunately they simply weren't good enough to take them on the day.

The ref had a great game, I thought, and was amazingly accurate in his officiating, given that he's reffed so many Dublin challenge matches, it was a credit to him.

Aidan O’Shea was magnificent throughout, and won ball all over the field. Plus he curtailed the exploits of Cian O’Sullivan.

The Dublin full forward wasn't caught by the referee when he ground his fist into the face of a Mayo player.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Sunday Game respond to that!

I'm writing this immediately after the game, and sending it in before the Sunday Game airs. Just so I give my own personal opinion.

It was the first All Ireland I missed in awhile, as I attended the funeral of a dear cousin earlier.

Someone was delighted to get my ticket!

Dublin were well served by many players, but so were Mayo.

It would be unfair to single anyone out.

Andy Moran got great possession early on right up to half time, by which time he'd begun to tire. He scored impeccable shots, and one lay off was left open for another open goal, but the Mayo player who was right through, receiving the lightning quick pass, blasted the ball, rather than gently passing it into the net.

On such moments are games often decided.

A wonderful win by a wonderful Dublin team.

We saw two wonderful teams in Croke Park.

Superb athletes, powerful, committed men, both sides.

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